Fiscal Sponsorship & Bookkeeping

If your agency is currently not a 501(c)(3) or you do not have the capability or interest in managing your finances – the Nonprofit Resource Center can serve as your fiscal agent.

We take our role very seriously as we are the stewards of your program and your donors' funds.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are serious about accounting for every gift received and every gift given. We acknowledge all donations in accordance with IRS regulations and work with fund advisors and others to ensure every disbursement is authorized and compliant with the purpose of the fund. 

STEWARDSHIP : Stewardship is essential for the proper use of resources and prompt service is key to an efficient organization. The back office work of payroll, bookkeeping, financial statements and bank reconciliation is done for you. You and your volunteers can do the great work of your program and be assured that your financials are in order.

Monthly financial reports are sent to Finance Committee members. We engage reputable auditors who have extensive experience in not-for-profit organizations to look over our processes and records and issue an independent report each year. 

RELIABILITY : We are proud of the fact that our annual audit reflects that no material misstatements were found in our accounting records. 

TRANSPARENCY: We believe that your funds and programs are for you to review. Our audit is available both at our office and online. Read more about our specific financial services here.

The Nonprofit Resource Center serves as a fiscal agent and/or provides back office services for the following organizations:

  • Muskogee Habitat for Humanity
  • Oklahoma Department of Mental Health- Prevention Programs
  • Ray's House
  • Swing for Dean
  • Rougher 300 Community Service
  • Muskogee Garden Club
  • Crimestoppers USA

Contact our office for information and fees.

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