Green Country Behavioral Health Services

619 N Main
Muskogee, OK 74401


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Green Country Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS) is a private, nonprofit behavioral health center created in 1979  in response to the need for comprehensive mental health services in Muskogee and the surrounding areas. Since incorporation, our behavioral health base has expanded  into care for families and children, including early childhood programs and daycare.



Services are offered to adults, children and families to address mental health issues and behavioral problems. Clients will receive a comprehensive evaluation by a behavioral health professional who will assist in the development of goal setting and a plan for meeting the specific needs of each person.

Services include:

-Case Management

-Co-occuring counseling

-crisis services

- detoxification

-family therapy

-group therapy

- individual therapy

-medication clinic

-psychosocial rehabilitation services

-vocational rehabilitation

-24 hour crisis stabilization unit



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